Cultivating Hope: How Subsistence Farming Empowers Communities

Planting the Seeds of Self-Sufficiency: A Guide to Subsistence Farming

Subsistence agriculture, also known as subsistence farming, is a vital practice that underpins the lives of millions around the globe. This method focuses on growing crops and raising livestock primarily to meet the immediate needs of the farmer’s family

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Why Subsistence Farming Matters

Food Security: Subsistence farming offers a reliable source of sustenance, reducing dependence on external markets and fostering food security within communities

Improved Nutrition: Families have the ability to cultivate a diverse range of subsistence crops like fruits, vegetables, and legumes, leading to a more balanced and nutritious diet.

Income Generation: Surplus produce can be sold at local markets, providing income for families and contributing to the local economy

Environmental Sustainability: Subsistence farming practices often involve traditional methods that are less detrimental to the environment compared to large-scale industrial agriculture

Empowering Communities Through Subsistence Farming

As an organization dedicated to supporting communities, Mercy Oceans actively works towards promoting and strengthening subsistence farming initiatives. Here’s a glimpse into how we contribute:

Providing Resources

We distribute essential tools and seeds for staple subsistence crops, enabling families to begin their agricultural journey

Educational Workshops

We conduct informative workshops on sustainable farming practices, including crop rotation and soil conservation techniques

Water Security

We assist communities in establishing sustainable water access for irrigation through projects like digging wells and implementing rainwater harvesting systems

Become a Part of the Solution

Your contribution is instrumental in ensuring Oceans of Mercy’s continued efforts in promoting subsistence farming. Here are ways you can make a lasting impact:

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Donate Funds

Your financial contributions allow us to procure vital resources like seeds, tools, and educational materials for our farming initiatives.



You can devote your spare time to  the Oceans of Mercy Network and help us assist those who need assistance.

These tasks range from grocery packing to visiting all age homes.


Spread Awareness

The Oceans of Mercy Network relies on word of mouth to spread our message. You can help spread the word by telling your friends and family about what we do. You can also refer someone who is need to the Oceans of Mercy Network.


Donate Items

You may donate items that you have in excess or no longer need. The Oceans of Mercy Network will distribute these items to those in need on your behalf. Items may range from clothing to food and water or even toys.