Oceans of Mercy South African Registered
Non-Profit Organization
Providing social relief of the distressed, upliftment of
humanity and care for the most vulnerable.
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About Oceans of Mercy



Oceans of Mercy Network is a South African registered non-profit company. The company is further registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organisation. 

The organization’s purpose is to contribute to social relief of the distressed, upliftment of humanity and care for the most vulnerable. These needs are wide-ranging and are addressed  through a number of initiatives and projects delivered by the organisation.

What We Do

Our projects are constantly expanding to cover the ever-changing needs of our vulnerable society and we cover a wide variety of projects ranging from food banks to disaster relief.

Food Banks

Our solution to food wastage - We store food in our state of the art facility and distribute it.

Food Drives

We collect and package grocery hampers which are distributed to those who need it.

Fund Raising

We collect and raise funding for social development projects including Zakaat / Sadaqah.

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Infrastructure Development

The development of water wells and boreholes for communities with limited or no access to water.

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Community Centers and Facilities

To provide a place for communities to come together in areas where access to these facilities are limited.

How You Can Help

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Donate Funds

The Oceans of Mercy relies on funding by generous donors in order to sustain its programmes. You can assist us by donating directly or through our partners.



You can devote your spare time to  the Oceans of Mercy Network and help us assist those who need assistance.

These tasks range from grocery packing to visiting all age homes.


Spread the Word

The Oceans of Mercy Network relies on word of mouth to spread our message. You can help spread the word by telling your friends and family about what we do. You can also refer someone who is need to the Oceans of Mercy Network.


Donate Items

You may donate items that you have in excess or no longer need. The Oceans of Mercy Network will distribute these items to those in need on your behalf. Items may range from clothing to food and water or even toys.

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